The tide turns on gun control


After two straight years of record-breaking violence, some on the left may be rediscovering the importance of self-defense.

Contrary to popular misconception, the Second Amendment did not create a right to keep and bear arms. Rather, the Second Amendment recognizes and seeks to protect the people Naturally Right to self-defense and the tools needed to exercise that right, which of course include firearms. That is why the amendment speaks of the right To regard guns as something already existing and inviolable – and not something newly conferred, a point recognized by the US Supreme Court.

It shouldn’t be a polarized and partisan issue. Historically, the right to armed self-defense has been understood and exercised by figures who were anything but conservative or libertarian, from Eleanor Roosevelt and George Orwell to the Black Panthers and Malcolm X. They understood that living in a dangerous world was not should be left at the mercy of an attacker.

In the face of 2021 – a second straight year of record violence – are some on the left rediscovering the importance of self-defense? There is reason to believe.

Of course, 2020 was already an aha moment for many. Amid historic civil unrest, pandemic restrictions, a nationwide spike in homicides and calls to “defund the police,” the importance of self-defense has been made clear. An estimated 8.4 million people bought a firearm for the first time that year.

These trends continued in 2021. Homicides continued to rise and gun sales remained high, fueled by people’s concerns for their safety. the Washington ExaminerSarah Westwood from . Even NPR was forced to acknowledge the racial and political diversity of new gun owners and the legitimacy of their concerns. These new gun buyers “are white, black, Asian and Hispanic and come from all political persuasions,” NPR reported, “and are driven by insecurity, fear and a need to feel safe.”

Measured by its laws and governance, California is among the most gun-friendly states in the nation. But when the head of the LA police union compares the city to that Clean Movies that temporarily legalize all crimes and says that the LAPD “cannot guarantee your safety,” many Californians understand that their safety is their responsibility. As Westwood noted, applications for covert transport permits have increased in Los Angeles County more than tenfold in the past few years.

Journalist Michael Shellenberger reported the same shift in attitude among Beverly Hills liberals in a recent article: “Even die-hard left-wing Democrats who have told me in the past, ‘I will never own a gun,’ call me and ask about guns ‘ a private security executive said.

Likewise, Seattle, which has been called “America’s Most Liberal City,” is seeing a surge in gun ownership. According to Westwood’s report, the county sheriff’s office said it could barely accommodate the “tremendous number of individuals who wish to obtain their concealed handgun licenses at this time.”

There are still some signs of hardening support for gun control among Democrats, as two major polls recently found that 91 percent of Democrats support more gun restrictions. However, this number can hide a complex reality.

It could, of course, simply reflect the fact that more Democrats are now supporting gun control. But it could also indicate that they are former Democrats leaving the party on issues like gun control, leaving a pro-restriction Democratic remnant. It could also be that some Democratic respondents, like Shellenberger’s gun-crazy “hardcore left-wing Democrats,” develop unconventional views that they keep to themselves — either by giving wrong answers or simply not using pollsters. Other Democratic gun owners may cling to old ideologies that don’t keep up with their real-world behavior.

Overall, it is clear that 2020 and 2021 have changed the social landscape related to self-defense and firearms. Of course, politicians and anti-gun activists will retain their familiar refrains that have long been staples of the left-wing establishment. But the street-level attitude is shifting in favor of the natural right to self-defense. This could prove to be the ultimate legacy of two very violent years.

Cody J. Wisniewski (@TheWizardofLawz) is the director of Mountain States Legal Foundation Center to hold and carry weapons.

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