The US is strengthening the security of the embassy in Kabul while troops leave Afghanistan and Taliban in close proximity


Kabul – US troops will leave Afghanistan by the end of next month after 20 years of war. president Biden presented the strategy on Thursday to withdraw the remaining American forces and defend the timeline, even if the Taliban are getting stronger and gaining more ground in the country.

CBS News correspondent Charlie D’Agata reports that districts across Afghanistan are falling like dominoes to the Taliban. While the US armed forces are heading for the exit and the militants are inching closer to the capital, the US embassy has carefully examined its own security situation.

Prosecution D’Affaires Ross Wilson, the leading US diplomat in Afghanistan, told D’Agata that the embassy “added some extra quick reaction capabilities if something happens”.

When asked whether the embassy had emergency evacuation plans in the event of a “worst-case scenario”, Wilson said he did not think a sudden escape from the well-paved area was “imminent,” but added that ” Evacuations are planned “. any post like this is serious business. “

US ends military operation in Afghanistan …


There are only a few kilometers between the US embassy in Kabul and the capital’s international airport, which American troops are helping to secure. But on the streets of Kabul, if there is ever an evacuation, the streets will be a no-go. If they suddenly have to move hundreds, even thousands, of employees, the only way is up.

US diplomats are already commuting between the embassy and the airport by helicopter. But with historical attacks on US diplomacy buildings fresh in the minds of Americans, there is a clear desire to avoid repeating the chaotic escapes of past years.

“There will be no circumstance for you to have people lifted from the roof of the US embassy” in Afghanistan, praised President Biden. It was a reference to the American emergency airlift from the US embassy in Saigon in 1975, shortly before the then capital of Vietnam fell to North Vietnamese armed forces.

US civilians board a helicopter within the grounds of the American Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, to escape advancing North Vietnamese troops aiming to take the city in April 1975.

Nik Wheeler / Corbis / Getty

Recently there was Storming of the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which four Americans died, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Nobody in Afghanistan believes such a disaster is imminent, D’Agata said. But even the Taliban, who are tightening their noose around the capital, are worrying.

“We are concerned about the Taliban’s moves to take control of some of the highways that are vital supply points for our embassy,” said Wilson.

The Taliban have announced that they are not planning a military takeover of Kabul or storming the US embassy. But they have also said that any foreign troops left behind after the US withdraws will be viewed as intruders and therefore legitimate targets.

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