The US releases video of a Russian jet colliding with a drone


US military officials have released dramatic, declassified video of the moment a Russian fighter jet collided with a US drone over the Black Sea earlier this week.

The Footage was shared Thursday morning of US European Command (EUCOM) was captured by the underside camera of the MQ-9 Reaper drone when the Su-27 fighter jet twice attempted to spray them with kerosene.

On the second attempt, the jet collides with the drone’s rear propeller and the screen becomes pixelated as communication is lost.

Video of Tuesday’s incident was released less than a day after General Mark Miley said it “remains to be seen” whether the shooting down was intentional.

On Wednesday, Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to Washington, said the collision was part of a response to “deliberate and provocative” US incursions into Moscow’s airspace.

The incident is believed to be the first time since the Cold War era that an American plane was shot down after an encounter with Russian forces.

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