The white-only church leader loses an offer to charge critics with harassment


The leader of a whites-only church in Minnesota lost his offer to bring molestation suits against a woman who opposed his community.

The Asatru people’s assembly in Murdock, about two hours west of Minneapolis, was allowed to take over an abandoned Lutheran church and begin renovating it last year.

While the group doesn’t have to hold a service just yet, a woman, Victoria Guillemard, went to local businesses and organizations and told them about the church, which, according to the Star Tribune, has been designated as a white supremacist group by religious scholars.

Asatru Church, run by Jason Plourde, only allows white members of European descent. Plourde went to court to obtain an order to limit harassment against Guillemard, accusing her of “spamming” his social media.

But a judge denied his request, calling Guillemard’s criticism “a matter of public concern”.

Judge Stephanie Beckman said that Guillemard’s behavior did not result in harassment and that she never contacted Plourde personally.

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