Transform the military to transform the country


The Biden government surprised the Americans on the right. In the first few weeks of the new government, very few expected the sudden, massive influx of illegal migrants and drugs through open and unsecured borders, the deliberate abolition of the rule of law in the country’s largest cities, the demonization of the police, and official tolerance of more racially motivated people Violence.

The Americans on the right are no longer surprised. There is now real evidence in the minds of Conservative Americans of a political regime in Washington that defines itself against almost everything that the United States stands for.

The White House should feel reassured, however, that very few Americans have challenged the Biden government’s monopoly of control over the government machinery in any meaningful way. But the doubts clearly remain. The presence of the National Guard and the concrete, steel, and barbed wire barriers that surround the Capitol are still a metaphor for a government living in a psychological state of siege, anger, and discomfort.

In April of this year, the Biden government appointed Bishop Garrison as senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense on Diversity and Inclusion. In this role, Garrison, a 2002 graduate of the US Military Academy, heads the Department of Defense’s new Countering Extremism working group. Aside from his virulent hatred of anyone who supported President Donald Trump and his advocacy of Critical Racial Theory, not much is known about him.

Whether Garrison’s arrival signals the implementation of a new system within the U.S. armed forces tasked with identifying suspected extremists for removal is unclear. Much depends on how the Biden administration and officials like Garrison define their missions, but it wouldn’t be difficult to imagine such a development. It has happened before.

After the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia, Communist Party officials, known as commissars, were deployed throughout the military to ensure the loyalty and obedience of the officer corps to the orders and instructions of Lenin and the new Bolshevik state. The commissioner’s duty, as Leon Trotsky, chairman of the Revolutionary Committee, declared, was “to prevent army institutions from becoming conspiracy nests”. If Russian officers did not obey orders, the commissioners could execute the offending officers and ensure that their families were also executed – a policy Stalin used during World War II to force both officers and soldiers to fight the Germans .

At first glance, concerns that a Soviet-style system would be embedded in the armed forces seem exaggerated. For example, the idea that anyone could treat tattoos as evidence of extremism is absurd. Thirty-six percent of the US armed forces have tattoos. But maybe the Biden government thinks tattoos are significant since the majority of those uniformed with tattoos are white men and women?

The point is, a lively witch hunt will have an impact. This will instill fear in service members that they could easily lose a career or retirement if they express an opinion that differs from the ideology of the Biden government. As one officer in charge put it quietly, “The fear of being censored for simply loving your country is one thing. Wondering when there is a knock on the door or to what extent officers and soldiers are being monitored is another question. “

There is more. Military experience of the past 245 years teaches that Americans in uniform must be turned through ruthless and exacting discipline in order to endure extreme difficulties and hardships in order to be effective in combat. Soldiers need to understand that the needs of the nation come first, that those needs always outweigh their own. There must also be confidence up, down, and sideways about the armed forces.

However, in a recent Army recruitment video titled “The Calling,” there was nothing to suggest the slightest appreciation for the above reality. The star of the video, Corporal Emma Malonelord from California, a young woman with two mothers, shares how she marched and fought for civil rights from a young age. The Department of the Army turned off the comment section for the video on YouTube after receiving ridicule and negative reactions.

Fortunately, there is no evidence that the culture, character, and beliefs of a great nation can be fundamentally changed according to plan. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union was undoubtedly trying to turn Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Finns, Poles, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, and a host of other nationalities into an amorphous mass of obedient “Soviet men”. The millions of men, women and children who resisted were worked to death in hundreds of labor camps, starved to death or shot before, during and after World War II to guarantee transformation and shatter the human soul.

The transformation failed. Today there are no “Soviet men” in sight.

It is one thing to temporarily construct consent through the manipulation of mass media and surveillance systems, but when positive action is taken against steroids to decrease the representation of one race in hopes of benefiting another, tension and resentment will arise, not justice. Americans long ago advocated equality before the law, but very few Americans buy into the argument that equality automatically leads to equal skills or results.

The United States, practically alone among nations, found its identity in shared historical experience, English-speaking culture, and commitment to freedom of thought, trade, and belief. American monuments, flags, and traditions honor this classic liberal creed and make it a fundamental element in the cohesion of American society.

If the US armed forces are forced to internalize the Biden government’s ideology of transformation, they will no longer be national military institutions. And it is this emphasis on denationalization that leads many Americans to privately suspect that the ultimate goal of the Biden administration is to turn the American military into the armed wing of the left or the Democratic Party.

It would be wise for the Biden administration to pause and ponder how Americans view their transformation efforts – measures to revise or replace US history, culture, and identity with the ideology of globalism and materialism. Feelings of patriotism and nationalism are the lifeblood of every nation’s armed forces. If the government ignores these feelings, then, as Alexis de Tocqueville said, in the months leading up to the revolution of 1848, they are sleeping “in a volcano”.

Douglas Macgregor, Colonel (ret.) In the US Army and former senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense, is a PhD student, author of five books and a senior contributor to The American Conservative.

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