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The claims of its acolytes that every future Republican candidate must be a “full Trump MAGA”, that the former president will “lead” us for years to come, and that by 2024 it will be the “art of comeback”. Looked a little more believable on Sunday when America’s most notorious politician submitted a regular wrapper with a return address to the top Conservative conference on the calendar.

First, Donald Trump put aside the idea that he would found a new party, a “Patriot Party,” as isolated reports had shown. “I’m not starting a new party,” Trump said at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “No. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let’s start a new party and share our vote so you can never win. No, we don’t care.”

Trump, previously a Democrat who rocked Republican politics out of nowhere six years ago and who had flirted with third-party presidential elections in a previous life, seemed to be speaking from experience. Instead, he made it clear that after a career of promiscuous political affiliation, Trump would be more likely to become Republican, if at all. “It will be a party of love,” said the former president conspicuously. “You have to see the streets outside. I mean, there is such love, ”Trump said of the crowd outside in the Orlando heat.

Second, the ex-president plunged into the ongoing political struggles on the right more explicitly than ever before. He used the phrase “multiethnic working class party” almost directly, the preferred formulation of nationalist political wonks such as Oren Cass of American Compass and Julius Kerin of American affairs (who denounced Trump) as well as his potential political heirs like Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri. Trump mocked “corporatists” and “big tech” and said the party must act as a shield for “hard-working citizens of all races, religions, colors and beliefs.”

“A lot of people have asked: What is Trumpism?” Mused the former president. “A new term that is being used more and more.”

That is of course not true; “Trumpism” has been widely discussed in public since the man’s rise half a decade ago – just not by him! That apparently changed on Sunday.

Trumpism (“I didn’t make the name up,” he remarked) means “bargain, bargain”, like “the USMCA’s replacement for terrible NAFTA.” Trump’s peak of the trade as his signature problem is interesting as it is widely viewed by his administration’s alumni as the political issue in which he opened the overton window of acceptable discourse in which the man actually built some non-partisan bridges as was once promised , most dramatically shifted, work up a sweat on democratic workers leadership.

Alluding to how he once hijacked but not capsized the old Republican coalition, Trump said his philosophy also included “low taxes” and the elimination of “job loss regulations”. It means “very strong protection for the second amendment and the right to keep and carry weapons”. When Trump spoke out of time, he has often been referred to as “your second amendment”, at least as an admission that he is not a member of the NRA for the reasons Charlton Heston was.

But the meat of Trump’s speech was the subject that brought him to power more than any other: immigration.

President’s allies like Stephen Miller expect a little of it, if not actively Déjà-vu. This means that, as in the last democratic government, President Biden’s term of office will be determined by a national existential crisis over immigration. Trump reiterated the discussion points from Miller and other Trump alumni, such as former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, over the past few weeks, saying, “Joe Biden ruthlessly got rid of our border security measures, controls and all of the things we were doing unleashed a massive spate of illegal immigration. “

Trump argued that “we are one country, we can’t afford the world’s problems as much as we’d like” and “perhaps worst of all is that Joe Biden’s decision to break border security single-handedly started a youth has called migration crisis that enriches … some of the worst people on the planet. You see it every day, just turn on the news. “

But some things have changed over the past decade.

After bringing the Supreme Court to the right with the installations by Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett, Trump made it clear that, contrary to the Republican establishment, he believed his accomplishment was all hat and no cattle. Florida’s most famous resident couldn’t drive the 170 miles south back to Mar-A-Lago without encountering their most provocative, divisive hobbyhorse. Trump still insisted that the 2020 election be stolen from him. “You should be ashamed of what you did to our country,” Trump said of SCOTUS. “You didn’t have the courage or the courage to make the right decision. You didn’t want to talk about it.”

Whatever you think of the Trump charges and his entourage levy, and I think they are completely unproven after the president was given months to prove his case, it is clear that Trump’s reality means that the narrative of electoral fraud has become mainstream when this word can be said to mean everything.

No matter how de-platform Trump remains, no matter how pedantic they are New York Times exists differently, this is no longer the stuff of the fringes. For now, Trump is clearly still in the captain’s seat of one of America’s two famous parties, a party that garnered more than 70 million votes and almost recaptured Congress and the White House.

Perhaps the prudent way to go, if the Democrats insist on a 9/11 Commission-style investigation into domestic extremism after the chaos on Capitol Hill earlier this winter, would be for the Republicans in return for a serious overhaul of the voting rules and a Offering investigation, probably the least bad option for a minority party. If the Democrats reject the offer, it would be an early sign against President Biden’s pledge for unity.

Because we know Donald Trump is licking his chops. I’m waiting for Biden to screw it up. To be completely captured by his left flank.

As Harry Kazianis of 19FortyFive correctly reported in front of the address, Trump did not announce an official comeback offer on Sunday. He didn’t do anything. “Never forget it. With your help, we’ll take the house back. We’ll win the Senate,” said Trump. “And then a Republican president will triumphantly return to the White House.”

The exiled politician concluded to frantic applause from the faithful: “And I wonder who it will be? I wonder who that will be. Who, who will that be? I wonder.”


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