Twitter introduces gold and gray confirmation ticks next to a blue tick in a “painful but necessary” move, says Elon Musk | Science and technology news


Twitter will roll out gold and gray verification ticks when it restarts the delayed blue tick service next week, owner Elon Musk has announced.

The move is “painful but necessary,” the billionaire CEO said in a post on the social media platform.

All verified accounts are manually authenticated before the tick is activated, Mr Musk said.

He wrote: “Gold check for corporations, gray check for governments, blue for individuals (celebrities or not). Painful but necessary.”

In another tweet, Mr Musk said, “Individuals can have a secondary tiny logo to show they belong to an organization if they are verified as such by that organization.”

He added a longer statement would be delivered next week.

The social media platform has put its recently announced $8 Blue Tick subscription service on hold in the face of the rising number of fake accounts, announcing it will be relaunching on November 29.

The blue tick was previously reserved for verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, journalists, and other public figures.

The details of the revised authentication system come after Mr Musk announced he will be doing so Granting an “amnesty” to suspended Twitter accountsleading to warnings of increasing harassment, hate speech and misinformation.

The tycoon had asked his more than 118 million followers to vote in a poll to reinstate accounts that hadn’t “broke the law or engaged in egregious spam.”

The yes vote was 72%.

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