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Elon Musk has made no secret of his desire to colonize Mars, but apparently not before attempting to run his own community here on Earth.

The SpaceX, TeslaAnd Twitter Owner wants to build a “utopia” called Snailbrook for his workers to live in Texasreports the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

It would be built outside of the state capital of Austin, near a site of his space company.

The city would also be nearby musk‘s The Boring Company, a tunneling company based in Bastrop County.

The proposed name appears to be a nod to the company’s mascot, a snail named Gary.

According to the newspaper, employees would be billed about $800 (£669) a month for one- or two-bedroom apartments and given 30 days to leave the premises if they were made redundant or quit.

Outdoor sports facilities and swimming pools are reportedly among the planned facilities.

At least 3,500 acres of land were purchased to build the city on the Colorado River, WSJ says, citing land deeds, land registers and emails with local officials.

This is the same river that The Boring Company is allowed to dump tens of thousands of sewage into every day.

According to local media, the company has applied to local environmental authorities and a public meeting is scheduled to be held this month for residents to have their say.

The community would be near this Tesla gigafactory in Austin

Musk has made Texas the home of Boring, SpaceX and Tesla after announcing plans to move Tesla’s headquarters out of California on the state’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The multi-billionaire was unhappy that officials wouldn’t let him reopen a car factory as the virus spread in 2020.

Musk would probably hope that a company town would give him more leverage over how things go, despite being chaotic Twitter tenure has put his treatment of employees in the spotlight.

Thousands of people were fired immediately after he took over last October, and more resigned after him demanded that they join a “hardcore” work culture.

Later it turned out that bedroom was set up at the social media company’s San Francisco office.

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