Two Asian women stabbed to death in an accidental attack in California


Two Asian women were stabbed in a random attack in a busy neighborhood of San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon.

A man with a knife casually approached a bus stop on Market Street and stabbed the two victims, witnesses of the rampage told KPIX in broad daylight.

The scene of the knife stab in San Francisco.
The scene of the knife stab in San Francisco on May 4, 2021.

“The attacker basically just went up to his victim, stabbed him and her and walked away very casually in broad daylight,” said witness Jenny Shao.

A 54-year-old man was later arrested in connection with the attack, officials said.

The scene of the knife stab in San Francisco.
Both victims were seniors, an official said.

San Francisco supervisor Matt Haney confirmed the arrest, saying the victims of a “disgusting and horrific attack” were both seniors. in a tweet.

The condition of the stabbing victims was not immediately known.

The violence comes from bias crimes against members of the Asian American community on the rise across the country.

In Manhattan, police are still looking for the woman who hit an Asian woman in the head with a hammer in Times Square on Monday.

The day before, an Asian couple was attacked in Grand Central Station after a suspect told them, “You don’t belong here,” police said.

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