Ukraine’s Klitschko brothers say Russia’s war is against ‘whole civilian world’ – BBC News


Former boxers, the mayor of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir, have said Russia’s war was not just against their country, but the “whole civilian world”.

The brothers – both internationally renowned boxers – said Ukraine needed support from the international community because it was a “war against democracy” and a “challenge for [the] whole [of] modern society”.

They have also appealed for more aid, such as food and water, adding that while some was arriving, it was “absolutely not enough”.

When asked if the brothers will be staying in the city to fight, Wladimir said: “Where should we go? This is our home. Our parents [are] buried here, [our] children go to school here. Why should we flee? What would you do if someone gets in to your house? You defend it.”

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