University of Cincinnati professor officially reprimanded for remarking “biological women”.


According to one report, a professor of women’s gender studies at the University of Cincinnati was ordered to take a free speech class after she failed a student who called non-trans athletes “biological women.”

Adjunct professor Melanie Nipper was officially reprimanded for giving student Olivia Krolczyk a zero out of 20 in her senior project, Women’s Gender Studies in Pop Culture, for using what the teacher described as “exclusive,” The Cincinnati reported Enquirer.

Krolczyk took to TikTok in May to share her outrage and confusion in a video that went viral and drew a reaction from the university weeks later.

“Please note that this is to be taken as a formal reprimand for your actions. A copy of this letter will be placed in your permanent records,” the University of Nipper said, according to the June 14 document obtained by the Enquirer.

“It is also understood that any other violation of UC policies may result in further disciplinary action up to and including termination. We remind you that as an unrepresented, unclassified “volunteer” employee, your employment may be terminated with or without cause.”

Not only does she have to complete training on UC’s free speech policy, but she also has to submit her future curriculum for the upcoming school year for approval.

Krolczyk took to TikTok in May to share her outrage and confusion in a video that went viral.
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Nipper was officially reprimanded for giving college student Olivia Krolczyk a zero out of 20 for her graduate project, Women’s Gender Studies in Pop Culture.
TikTok/Olive Views

When she challenged the discipline, she wrote that her “restriction on harmful language” was “necessary to ensure a safe learning environment in the course discussions and for the educational purpose of teaching introductory WGSS theory,” the newspaper reported.

The professor added that she felt it “necessary to educate them about inclusive language to ensure a safe learning environment for other students in the course’s discussion forums.”

For a final project, Nipper asked her students to choose a topic related to feminism. Krolczyk decided to examine the changes that female athletes have experienced throughout history, as well as the rights and opportunities that have been awarded and fought for in athletics.

Her project covered issues ranging from the first woman to compete in the Olympics to the struggle that women athletes like Riley Gaines are waging for proposed changes to Title IX.

The chemistry student said her project ended by showing how “allowing men to compete in women’s sports threatens those rights and opportunities.”

Nipper told the sophomore that the term “biological women” she used in her proposal “is not allowed in this course because it further reinforces heteronormativity.”

“Please reevaluate your issue and revise it to focus on women’s rights (not just ‘women’) and I will demote it,” she wrote to Krolczyk.

“How am I supposed to do my project if I can’t use the term ‘organic women’?” Krolczyk asked in her TikTok video.

The University of Cincinnati professor who dumped a student for using the term "biological woman" was instructed to take free speech training at the school.
The University of Cincinnati ordered Nipper to complete free speech training.
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The reprimand was issued by Ashley Currier, director of UC’s Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, according to the Enquirier.

Nipper responded June 19 with a request to appeal the sanction and was on campus Thursday for discussion, the newspaper reported.

She declined to comment, but said the culture war has affected educators’ ability to teach.

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