US soccer, Gregg Berhalter supports Mark McKenzie


US soccer and USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter wants fans to know that racism has no place in sport.

The organization and Berhalter made strong statements in support of USMNT defender Mark McKenzie after he announced he received racist news following Sunday’s CONCACAF Nations League final victory against Mexico.

The US football statement did not mention McKenzie by name, but said fans “posting racist, homophobic, vulgar, or disrespectful comments” are “not welcome. EVER.”

Berhalter specifically said the team stood by McKenzie.

Berhalter’s full statement read:

“It’s absolutely disgusting, things like that. It has no place in sport. The guys, in our business, in professional sport, you take enough criticism of the performance and that guys have an off-game and say you’re not a good one Gamer or something like race to bring in is absolutely disgusting and borderline, there is no place for it.

“I’ve followed the players in England and now it’s getting closer. We support Mark 100 percent. We don’t stand for something like that. We have absolutely no tolerance for something like that. I wish it would.” was a way to hold such people accountable. For me, people go on Twitter and Instagram or whatever and they get brave. And they do things that they normally wouldn’t do in life. And I wish there was a way to hold them accountable because that has no place in our time. “

Mark McKenzie received racist messages after the victory

McKenzie was on the wrong end of the USMNT’s 3-2 win over Mexico in two big games. At the beginning of the competition, McKenzie failed a pass that was too Mexico’s first goal the night. In extra time, McKenzie was called to a handball in the penalty area, but Goalkeeper Ethan Horvath made a big save on the penalty kick to ensure victory.

Although the USMNT won, McKenzie – who is black – still received racist messages on Instagram. He shared a post with one of these comments and called the “Abuse and Personal Attacks“He received after the competition.

The game also included homophobic chants from fans and objects being thrown onto the field.

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