Vice President of Bank of Russia Kristina Baikova falls to her death from Moscow apartment window: report


The young vice president of a Russian bank reportedly fell from the window of her 11th-floor apartment in Moscow, marking another mysterious fall death in the country.

According to broadcaster Baza Telegram, Kristina Baikova, the 28-year-old vice president of Loko Bank, fell out of her window on June 23 and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The bank executive was dating a 34-year-old friend named Andrei at the time of her fatal fall, Baza reported.

The man said he was invited by Baikova to her apartment on Khodynsky Boulevard for a drink and that she went onto her balcony before falling to the ground.

Baikova is the youngest Russian executive to die falling from a building window, which has become a suspicious trend, the Daily Mail reported.

Dan Rapoport, a well-known Vladimir Putin critic who was banned from Russia, was found dead after falling from his luxury apartment building in Washington DC last August in what some believed to be a suicide – claims his wife refuted.

Kristina Baikova was in the apartment with a friend when she fell to her death.
AQ Deathify News / YouTube

Baikova was 34 and a rising star at Loko Bank.
Baikova was 34 and a rising star at Loko Bank.
AQ Deathify News / YouTube

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and CEO of the oil company Lukoil Ravil Maganov - who fell to his death last week.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (left) and CEO of oil company Lukoil Ravil Maganov – who fell to his death last week.
SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images

Weeks later, the chairman of Russian oil giant Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, fell from a six-story window of a Moscow hospital and died. According to Euro Weekly News, before his death, Lukoil had been vocal in his criticism of Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Then in December, the creative director of an IT company, Grigory Porzellanov, fell from the balcony of his apartment and fell to his death while Russian authorities searched his apartment.

That same month, a Russian sausage magnate fell from a hotel window in India just two days after his friend, also from Russia, died in the same hotel. A Russian real estate magnate fell fatally down a flight of stairs on the French Riviera in December.

And just earlier this month, federal judge Artyom Bartenev fell twelve stories out of his apartment building and was pronounced dead at the scene.

In 2022 alone, about two dozen Russian officials and oligarchs died under mysterious circumstances, The Atlantic reported – dubbing the trend “Sudden Russian Death Syndrome”.

Baikova’s death is under investigation.

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