Video shows a father protecting his son from attacking a bull at a rodeo in Texas


A hero father was caught in harrowing video earlier this month throwing himself between his son and an enraged bull at a rodeo in Texas.

Instagram footage shows 18-year-old Cody Hooks being pushed by the bull almost immediately after exiting the gate at the Bell County Rodeo in Belton on Feb. 12, KWTX reports.

The fall left the teenager unconscious on the ground while the bull charged past two bullfighters.

The young man’s father, Landis Hooks, then runs out to shield his son with his body as the bull charges at them, horns down.

Cody Hooks was pushed by the bull almost immediately after exiting the gate.
Instagram/Cody Hooks
bull and rider.
The fall left Cody Hooks unconscious on the ground.
Instagram/Cody Hooks
Father protects son from bull.
Landis Hooks runs out to protect his son with his body while the bull tries to impale them.
Instagram/Cody Hooks

“Not one to post a fall but a big thank you to my dad @hooks.landis and the bullfighters last night in Belton, Tx,” Cody wrote in a post along with the video he posted online. “Could have been a lot worse. #blessed”

The bull named Twizler didn’t actually gore the dad and the cowboy, but he butted them with his head, Bell County Rodeo’s Tina Butler told the Post. She saw it all.

“Both walked away with only scratches,” Butler said. “Due to the potential danger, it was the perfect scenario that no one was hurt.”

Rodeo bulls weigh between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds, she said. Even in the rodeo community, where cowboys and their families know the inherent risk of the sport, Butler says her heart skipped a beat as she watched the cowboy’s father step in to protect him.

“You don’t see that every day,” Butler said. “Not everyone would have gone in there.”

Medical staff and other safety protocols were also on standby, Butler says. Aside from the two bullfighters, Butler points to the three men on horseback seen in the video, called pickup men. Two of them ride toward Hooks and his father, ready to lasso the bull.

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