Washington mom Delrie Rosario dies after hitting head in fall on treadmill at LA Fitness gym


A Washington mom of four died after she fell and hit her head while running on a treadmill at an LA Fitness in Washington state last Friday.

Delrie Rosario, 36, was working out with her sister when the tragedy occurred at the gym’s location in Kent, KIRO 7 reported.

Marissa Woods told the local news station that she and her sister used treadmills at the gym nearly every day and described Rosario’s death as a “bizarre accident.”

“She tried to slow the machine down. I thought maybe she just missed a step,” Woods said. “She just collapsed, [and] hit her head on the machine.”

Rosario was knocked unconscious and Woods began frantically screaming for help and asking if anyone knew CPR.

Other gym patrons leapt up to help and Rosario was brought to a local hospital, but she couldn’t be saved.

Rosario died after she fell off the treadmill and hit her head at an LA Fitness in Washington state.

Woods, Rosario's sister, described her death as a "bizarre accident."
Woods, Rosario’s sister, described her death as a “bizarre accident.”

Rosario left behind her four kids.
Rosario leaves behind her four kids.

Woods said her sister leaves behind four kids, who she worked two jobs to support. She said she put her kids above all else.

“A mother first. Always everything she did was for kids,” she told the outlet. “She worked so hard for kids.”

The family has found some solace in the fact that Rosario had chosen to be an organ donor before her death and is now saving others’ lives after her death.

Her heart, lungs, kidneys and liver were donated to patients in need, according to a GoFundMe campaign created for her children.

“Five people, literally like right now! She’s saving lives. How big can your heart be to still be saving lives?” Woods said. “Just think, somebody’s walking around…with her big heart. They don’t even know what heart they’re about to get.”

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