WFLD Channel 32 – CNN Headline News (Part 1, 1982)


In the months following the demise of Nite-Owl, WFLD aired in it’s place CNN Headline News, starting at 12 midnight every night until about 5 or 6am. Here is the opening segment for one showing. (For awhile, on weekdays at 11:30am they would also show a half-hour version – this followed their Newstalk program at 11am)

Featuring CNN anchors Sasha Foo and Bud Elliott. Stories Include:

– 5-alarm fire in downtown Minneapolis causes damages estimated at 30 million dollars. (Featuring Halston Jacobson, bank customer)

– Cleanup continues after hurricanes hit Hawaii.

– Reagan administration said taxing unemployment benefits won’t be done.

– Unemployment and consumer fears hit retailers; hoping to rebound with Christmas season.

– Stock Market: Volume – 38,810,000. Dow closes at 1007.36.

– Sports: Larry Holmes successfully defends boxing title.

– The pope promises to cooperate with authorities investigating improper dealings between the Vatican bank and another Italian bank.

– Polish dissident Jacek Kuroń attends funeral for wife; faces charges of attempting to overthrow communist government.

– Young man in Ecuador attempts to bomb Israeli embassy.

– Events similar to those that have happened before take place in the Middle East peace process.

– Apartment building bombed in Beirut.

This aired on local Chicago TV early Saturday, November 27th 1982 at 12am.

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